Saturday, January 22, 2011

love is in the air!

I put up valentines decor in the front room in the beginning of the week. I still have a few things to make and put up, and a couple "love bird" photos to put on the table, but this is pretty much it. I made those big fluffy white tissue flowers--those were fun to make! the love banner has the cutest vintage valentine card prints on it--and of course i have to have some wood block decoration! this is the first year of us having a white christmas tree for the craft room--i love it so much i thought id stretch it into the valentines season with lots of heart ornaments! At least the front entryway isnt so bare anymore!

I finally put the easel I had been working on for the boys up in the playroom. I picked up this RATTY easel at a garage sale this past summer for $5. It was an ugly wood color and had scratches and marker all over it. I painted it, added a felt board over the white board {we have a white/magnetic board on the wall in the playroom already} and attached some closepins to the of the chalkboard so we can clip up big sheets of paper to color on as well. Its customized to our liking in the colors we like...and it only cost me a few bucks--can't beat that!!! the boys love the felt board!



Monster Mayhem!

Our little monsters recieved a special christmas gift from auntie katie---monster bath towels and cozy monster pajamas!! these were taken awhile ago, i just havent been very good about blogging these days!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Blog Address!

I felt funny keeping babybrigham.blogspot. Why I chose that to begin with is beyond me, we knew we wanted more children! anyway, after the past 2 years of feeling guilty because of poor oliver, I decided we needed a fresh blog address that didnt have anyone in particular's first name. Even Stevens, thats how we roll.

The timing was more appropriate because...GUESS WHAT?!?! We just found out we'll be expecting beautiful baby number 3 this September! So there you have it: Texas Tillotsons from now on!!