Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Party!

Happy 169th Birthday, Relief Society!!! The biggest world-wide organization of women in the world! I am so proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Relief Society were so much goodness and love is shared!!!
I have been on the RS enrichment board for a while now, but recently was called as the enrichment leader---which means I get to plan all the monthly RS meetings with my board and it is SO much fun! Since the RS colors are yellow and blue, I went with the cheery combo of sunny yellow and tuquoisey teal. The invites had a sillouhette image of Emma Smith:

I had my friend Sarah {} who is AMAZING at everything make our cake. She has the Cricut Cake, so she was able to have the RS seal cut out on frosting sheets---so cool! It turned out awesome!

Here is the table with all the yummy sweets and a little bit of the room decor.
We played RS Bingo as our opening/mingle activity, ate sweets, and played a game of RS Jeopardy--It was a really fun night. Im so glad so many sisters were able to come!

{even with the gymnasium debacle!}
Now I get to start planning Briggy and Ollie's Easter Egg Hunt Playgroup and then April's RS activity! Busy Busy!

Dress up!

The boys have been really enjoying dress up lately. Briggy still loves to wear Daddy's clothes and be "Briggy Daddy" {not little daddy anymore---I said Hi little daddy! when he came out with this shirt on and yelled and said "Im not LITTLE daddy, Im Big Briggy Daddy!" He is all grown up!!
Ollie on the other hand thinks its a total riot to grab my bra and parade around and dance like a wild man with it on. Im not sure what his fascination with my bra is...but if he can spot it in my laundry pile its the first thing he grabs. weirdo!

Dallas Science Muesum

Briggy, Ollie and I were invited to go with friends to the science mueseum last friday! We went with the Higgins and Kelleys---it was such a fun "field trip"
I only got a few pictures because I was pretty busy chasing my little guys around. They were having so much fun and there was A TON of kids there from other elementry schools, so I really needed to keep a close tabs on them! There was dinosaurs, fossil digs, water fun, "farming" where Briggy got to learn how to "milk a cow"
A really fun day!

St Patricks Day!

I am so behind on posting!!!
St Patricks Day was so fun!!! We had drawn a rainbow the day before and posted it on the wall in hopes Lenny the Leprechaun would leave us some treasures....he sure did! The boys got lots of rainbow sweets and treats and fun toys! I bought a new pancake mix that is dairy and egg free--so i made the boys green pancakes for breakfast. They were a hit! The brand is CherryBrook Farms--reasonably priced at and they actually taste pretty good--a lot better than I was expecting.

For dinner we had friends over {The Eric Jackson's and the David Jacksons} Im so jealous that they have their family in the same neighborhood! We ate tons of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and a couple loaves of homemade irish bread. yum. I love St Pattys Day!!