Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Party!

Happy 169th Birthday, Relief Society!!! The biggest world-wide organization of women in the world! I am so proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Relief Society were so much goodness and love is shared!!!
I have been on the RS enrichment board for a while now, but recently was called as the enrichment leader---which means I get to plan all the monthly RS meetings with my board and it is SO much fun! Since the RS colors are yellow and blue, I went with the cheery combo of sunny yellow and tuquoisey teal. The invites had a sillouhette image of Emma Smith:

I had my friend Sarah {} who is AMAZING at everything make our cake. She has the Cricut Cake, so she was able to have the RS seal cut out on frosting sheets---so cool! It turned out awesome!

Here is the table with all the yummy sweets and a little bit of the room decor.
We played RS Bingo as our opening/mingle activity, ate sweets, and played a game of RS Jeopardy--It was a really fun night. Im so glad so many sisters were able to come!

{even with the gymnasium debacle!}
Now I get to start planning Briggy and Ollie's Easter Egg Hunt Playgroup and then April's RS activity! Busy Busy!

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