Monday, February 28, 2011

Lil Monster

My cousins' wife had a baby shower last weekend, and i had a little fun incorporating all the monster craziness from briggy's party into her gift.

i love making diaper cakes. there are so many fun things you can add on to them. this one is pretty simple, just lots of diapers, recieving blanket and cutesy paper and ribbon.

ive seen them made so many different ways, and i love them all! im going to have to make another one in a week or two, so i might change it up.

oh--and here our valentines we handed out at the party--boys got dinos, girls got lollies! we didnt really do much for valentines this year, with briggy's party and all--next year will be a big valentines day since we wont be having a big birthday party. mama can only do so much! but it was sure nice to have grandma with us. the boys keep looking and asking for grandma!

I need to not be lazy and actually take down all the valentines decor now...last day of feb. cant believe it!!

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