Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday evening our ward's primary hosted an egg hunt and easter dinner. Briggy found quite a few eggs, Ollie just wanted to run around like a mad man :)

On Saturday we colored easter eggs. Tom was working, so it was just me with the boys--we missed daddy, but had fun! I didnt let Ollie touch the real eggs. I may be overly cautious, but his allergy to eggs is severe....and the other day he didnt even eat yogurt, but he rubbed some on his chest---and broke out with hives. Since he isnt even as highly allergic to milk as he is eggs....I just decided he'd be happy to color on plastic eggs---no hives :)

We visited friends on saturday night and got home really late. The Easter Bunny set things up super fast {Henry even got a few bathing supplies} and Daddy got beef jerky and a payday :)

I didnt hide the eggs, because I didnt want Ollie touching them....I have an appt. with Ollie at the allergist in June--we'll find out if he can eat eggs baked into things. That would be AWESOME!

The boys went to Church with Daddy and I stayed home. Ive been having the most dizzying-nasty migraines lately. I stayed up too late saturday night and didnt get much sleep, so Im guessing thats why it was more painful than normal. I think I slept in until 2pm. The OB just prescribed me some migraine medicine, so hopefully when a doozy hits, I'll still be able to feel like a human.
We had an Easter dinner Friday night, and since I didnt feel well on Sunday, we scrapped an Easter meal and Tom cooked burgers out on the grill.

Last but not least, little baby Henry is growing really well! After the ultra sound we learned he was absolutely perfect and that there was NO DENYING he was a Henry and not Matilda. My boys are not shy about showing off their goods---{as if Briggy running around the house naked all day wasnt a given} He was measuring at 8 oz :)
I can't believe I am only HALF WAY THROUGH the pregnancy! I guess thats a good thing though...I have a lot of cleaning, organzing and decorating to do before he arrives!

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