Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our First Family Vacation!

Tom and I honeymooned in Marco Island 4 years ago. We celebrated our anniversary on the island again--but with this time, 2 spunky toddler boys and a spunky baby-in-the-belly. Let me tell you, Henry IS SPUNKY! He kicks, punches and wiggles with such FORCE! Way more than Briggy and Ollie did. And Ollie was a toughie!

We stayed at my parents condo on the island for 10 days! {plus another four days of driving!} so we had a long time to relax and hang out in the sun. The boys loved being in the pool, especially Briggy. With floaties or his little vest he was able to have freedom to swim and he thought he was BIG MAN ON ISLAND! In fact, he referred to Marco as "Briggy's Island" He is such a character! Ollie had one of those super hero-foam suits, but he didnt like it--he had to be in a floaty boat in order to be happy....which was fine with me, it seemed a lot safer.

If we werent at the pool, the boys were napping, at the beach or at the beach playground. It was very low-key, and I loved it. Im not one to visit and have a million mini trips planned in a vacation. That just seems so stressful to me. When they get a little bit older, we'll drive up to Disney, but for now---the pool and beach was heaven on earth for them!

The day we planned on leaving, Tom's brother and his family were actually FLYING INTO MARCO! what a crazy coincidence! So of course we stayed an extra day to visit with their fun family. It was Briggy and Ollie's first time meeting their cousins and Auntie Devon {although Briggy has been refering to her as Auntie Daisy since we've been home!} And it was our first time to meet cute little Dominic!
The boys had such a fun time with them, its a shame we all live so far away. Ah! It breaks my heart. Families should be on the same street as far as I'm concerned! I know Devon got some great shots of the kids, I got a few at the pool. Briggy has been talking about his "friends: Marcus, Sariah and Dominic" A LOT! in fact, the entire drive home he kept telling me he wanted his friends over at "2019" {our address}

Here are all the fun pics!

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