Monday, July 18, 2011

Popsicle Party Playgroup!

Our ward has been scheduling fun playgroup activities EVERY DAY this summer! Bummer I can never go to any of them, but hopefully next year when I have a car things will be different.....

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to host a playgroup at our house so the boys could participate and Ollie could have an un-official birthday party. Since popsicles are a sweet summer treat Ollie can actually EAT we went with that theme. And of course, when I was at the store and they saw water balloons---they had to have them! Lots of fun, but those dang things took me hours to fill up, and seconds to destroy and splatter all over the yard!

I have a feeling that Oliver will want a dinosaur birthday for his party next year, but you never know--he may have a brand new interest by then! {Briggy says he cant wait for his birthday in February because he's going to be 21 and very old----when I told him Mommy was going to be 27 next month he gave me a look like I was an ancient ruin.....geesh! When I told him, No, Brigs--actually, you'll be 4--he said: No way, maybe I'll just be 7!. Im not sure why he wants to be older, but I want him to stay this fun age forever---3 has been a fun year, Im hoping Ollie will halt any terrible two nonsense {even though it seems like we've been battling it since he was 18 months old....} and give mom and dad a break....he is fiesty as all get out and STUBBORNNNNNNNNNNNN! He really is lucky that he is sooooooo stinkin' cute that he gets away with just about everything. Little rascal!

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